Just imagine — a tasty blend of black tea extract,
the sweetness of coconut blossom sugar and
a perfectly balanced mix of quality organic spices,
come together in a gentle warming heat
that soothes the soul.

Molina Chai captures the delightful essence
of traditional Indian chai


Our love for spices led us to
all corners of the world. We traveled and explored
continents in search of the perfect ingredients
in order to make our magical mix. Uniting cultures
into one drink was a challenge but we surpassed it
with the desire to deliver only the best
for our chai lovers

Exploring unique places


The result of combining the finest organic spices,
with the highest quality Darjeeling black tea,
is a chai that is infused with love,
and flavors that will tantalize your body and mind.
Molina Chai is the closest that you will get
to experiencing the authentic Chai of
a timeless culture; delivered straight to
the door for your enjoyment.

You can choose a variety of flavours,
which each contain their own unique cultural twist


Whereas coconut blossom sugar has a
unique taste and makes for a beautiful companion
to the spices in our chai flavours,
it is also the most sustainable sweetener there is.
The production of these crops requires very little
water, and the coconut trees continue
to give sap for up to twenty years,
making it a highly productive crop
and thus very sustainable.
Not only is coconut blossom sugar healthier
than refined sugar, it is
an environmentally friendlier option.